ElfinForest.com has a free service for you.

You can  have an e-mail address like:


Mail sent there will be automatically forwarded to any address you specify.  This does not alter your existing e-mail server, you retrieve mail as you always do.  

This is a very simple operation.  I urge you to register your name as soon as you can.  It will be with you for a while so make sure you like the sound of it.  Ask yourself this, "if I heard the address announced on the radio could I remember it long enough to tap it into my browser when I got home?"  Names that are going fast, first come, first served.


Names that are generic in nature, for example, elf@elfinforest.com a good choice...

For more info, contact



Now that you have an enchanting e-mail address, would you like to have your own web page?  There are a few easy ways to do this.