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Planning commission hearing on Sept 5 at 6:30 PM

City Council Chambers

1 Civic Center Dr.

San Marcos


The agenda item is to consider changes to San Elijo's master plan. The

proposed changes will have a huge additional impact on the traffic that

this project will generate. (See Kim Hunter's analysis below.) They are

proposing to add "casitas", potentially to every residential unit. The

casitas could be considered the equivalent of a studio apartment and

they generate an average of 6 trips per day over and above the 10 trips

per day generated by the average home. We need to be clear about the

need to resize all roads in, out, and through the project to accomodate

the traffic.

While you're at it, be sure to tell the planning commissioners what you

think of the current traffic situation, with multiple stops, safety

hazards, etc. And let them know how you feel about changing the name of

Elfin Forest Rd. once it enters the San Elijo project.

This is an important meeting and we need lots of people there, ready to

speak up.





(From Kim)

Curt Noland, (San Elijo) will push for

Casitas, plumbing & all. Curt thinks it would be nice to have the

College kids live in them, but says they won't add traffic cuz they will

be occupied by members of the family, no different than if they were in

a 4th or 5th bedroom. There will be a restriction against renting them

out. That will be San Elijo's argument.

As if family members, upon becoming adults, go on living in Dad's 5th


As if long lost Cousin Sally, hubby and baby, would be living in

bedroom 4, if there wasn't that darling Casita out back. As if Sally and

Hubby don't have cars and drive them every day. As if rental status

influences the amount of traffic generated by an apartment.

The addition of Casitas to single family homes has the potential to

add 15,000 unmitigated traffic trips primarily to Rancho Santa Fe Rd.&

the Questhaven area, but also to our freeways and main North County


It is so important that we defeat this whole proposal. Additionally, and

this is a huge addition, San Elijo's new plan adds 4.7 acres of

commercial, a 3rd 11.5 acre school, & increases the night lighted Park

to 22 acres. This translates to another aprox.6,600 unmitigated vehicle

trips. It also rearranges so many planning areas, sizes & densities

that I didn't bother trying to figure the consequences out.

We need an environmental report on this whole thing. It is plain dirty,

underhanded and dishonest for San Marcos to label it "minor" revisions.

Please come or write and demand a complete environmental analysis before

the City takes action.

City of San Marcos

1 Civic Center Dr

San Marcos, Ca 92069

Attn: City planning Commisioner, Mayor & City Council, and head planner

Jerry Backoff

Re: Sept 5, 2000 Planning hearing on San Elijo Specific Plan Revisions

Thanks, Kim