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Yaquitepec, Marshal South Home, Ghost Mt, Borrego
by bikedog
cacher's web site

N 33░ 0.189 W 116░ 23.452 (WGS-84)
convert to NAD27 or UTM

State: California
Hidden on: 3/13/01

Moved on: 3/16/2001 to (WGS-84)

Use Waypoint: GC482
Difficulty: Terrain:
A steep, rugged trail leads one mile up the mountain to the remains of a home site. The elevation is 3175 feet.

In 1932, Marshal South and his wife Tanya built an adobe home atop the mountain which they called Yaquitepic. All of the building materials were obtained locally or hauled in on mule back.

Date User Notes
web site
(1 found)
The cache contains the following items: Log Book, three pencils, three pens One gold coin One silver ring One bear claw One hundred patches One hundred beads One Mass quarter One Michigan quarter April 2001 issue Mountain Bike Action magazine Three AA batteries in the most obnoxious container.


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    Guvf pnpur vf guerr zvyrf fbhgu bs Sbbg naq Jnyxre Cnff va Oynve Inyyrl. Gur genvy urnq vf A33 00.189 J 116 23.452
	Decryption Key:
	(letter above equals below, 
	 and vice versa)

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